Matt Hagglund Golf Instruction
My name is Matt Hagglund and I love the game of golf. My career stretches 12 years at The Oakville Golf Club, where in 2013 I became a PGA of Canada Professional.


“Getting lessons from Matt really to my game to the next level! My friends can’t believe my new and improved skills off the tee! My golf game was stagnant and after a few lessons with Matt, he helped me develop skills and abilities I didn’t know I had. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is trying to develop any aspect of their golf game.”

Katie McCarthy

Analyst at Caterpillar Financial

“This past summer I took golf lessons with Matt.  Matt keeps things simple and doesn’t try to bombard you with too much information at one time. After each lesson he would email me the key points of our lesson which I found extremely helpful.  Hands down the favourite part of my golf lesson package with Matt was my one on one golf round.  Having a coach ride the cart with you and give you his individual attention enabled me to really improve on all parts of my game! Thanks again Matt!”

Cathy Halyk

What are my students saying?

“Matt is an excellent teacher, patient and adjusts his teaching and adjustments to your swing ability. He does not add too much into the mix and make it confusing. I wanted to get more into the game, so I purchased a complete lesson package. With my package I was given a few range lessons, short game lessons, and even played 9-holes! Best part was during my putting lesson, he was able to determine what I was doing wrong immediately and with one simple change to my putting stroke, I was able to make more 2-putts!”

Michael Wood

Project Manager at Bachly Construction

“Matt is a class act.  He is very knowledgeable and passionate about the golf industry, which makes it much easier to learn and listen to what he has to say.  Matt takes the time to answer every question and treats you with the utmost respect.  He is very personable which makes it easy to talk with him and build a relationship.  You can tell everybody likes him at the golf course due to the fact he knows everyone by name, says “hello” on a daily basis, and they reciprocate through conversation.  This is important to me as it shows the type of person he is around other people.  Matt is very patient which is extremely important in the sport of golf. Whether it be a good or bad shot, he is constantly encouraging you with his words and positive attitude.  I look forward to learning more from Matt this season and improving my game.”

Trevor Thiessen

Sales Representative at Royal LePage Realty Plus